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My favorite part about photography is capturing life as it truly is. Everyone looks through their cellphone photos just to tell others how the picture doesn’t reflect what the situation was really like. My goal is to help people avoid these types of conversations and do every memory the justice it deserves. I am a very nostalgic person who loves to reminisce but, the sad thing is, I have a terrible memory! Unless there is a photo of it, I will probably forget it!

 (67 of 127)Koben (119 of 127) I have had a camera in my hands since I was just a little kid. When I was in Jr. High my friends described me to the new girl in school as “the girl who is always taking photos.” (and that was before we had phones with cameras so I had an actual point and shoot everywhere I went.)

(35 of 127) I love that I was able to get out of my 9 to 5 job to do what I have always loved. I finally got tired of prefacing my job title with…. “But I want to be a photographer.” Since I have started this business I have had the opportunity to photograph just about everything, newborns, products, pets, families, weddings, sports, food, travel, portraits, and nature, just to name a few.

 (90 of 127) I have loved the variety of each shoot but I have to say my favorites are natural-lit lifestyle. The best part about lifestyle photography is just letting people let loose and be themselves by interacting with their loved ones. Very few people enjoy getting their photo taken, so doing lifestyle is great because it isn’t so structured; it focuses on everyday activities as they happen. Capturing true emotions, and not just cheesy posed smiles, is far more superior in my opinion.

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My Favorite Shoot

It is hard to pick a singular “favorite shoot,” but, one of my favorites was this lifestyle newborn shoot with who has to be the cutest mom/child combo I have ever met.  She was soooo excited for the shoot and to get beautiful photos of her first baby. To help she cranked out some Earth, Wind, and Fire music and then throughout the photoshoot danced and sang behind me trying to get her little newborn to look in my direction and smile :). It was so much fun and I loved the beautiful photos that came from it. (These photos are from that shoot)

(2 of 127)(43 of 127)(104 of 127) Probably my second favorite photoshoot was a lifestyle with a beautiful little one year old girl. When I got there, it just happened to be bath time and she was having a blast! I absolutely loved capturing her variety of facial expressions; curiosity, shock, and pure, innocent joy.

lifestyle (23 of 102)lifestyle (44 of 102)lifestyle (16 of 102)lifestyle (47 of 102)lifestyle (55 of 102)Addalyn lifestyle (37 of 102) lifestyle (66 of 102)lifestyle (77 of 102) I am in the Utah/Idaho area and I do travel. I would love to do your memories justice by capturing real, beautiful emotions. So please feel free to chat :)




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