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For as long as I can remember I have always loved to tell stories.

Stories that inspire. Stories that are profound. Stories that make you feel the love. My dream for telling stories grew to where I wanted to represent the stories visually. And that is when I turned my attention to photography. I wanted someone to see a photograph and know the emotions an individual felt and be part of the journey that individual was taking.

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Photography was a hobby of mine most of my life that became a business in 2009. But it has become one of my greatest passions and I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to meet new couples and learn their stories, so I can retell them. I got serious about making it into a business after taking bridals for my best friend. After that, the emails came pouring in. I guess I never thought I could turn something I loved into a business. Little did I know, that was my calling. Storytelling through art.

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If I could describe my style it would be a mixture of contemporary portraiture and fine art. My clients are always willing to try new ideas, as am I. There is a chance for growth for each of you. A new location is always a daring adventure. I like to blend my style with theirs and paint a memory as a photograph.

SPP 005The wedding industry is a lot about the glitz and the glamor, (and there is nothing wrong with that, it always makes for some wonderful photos!) but what I try focus on is the love that a couple has for each other. The moment. Their memories. I think that was is so special about photography. You can capture a moment for someone, and make it a memory forever. I can tell a story with a moment. That is what I specialize in. Telling stories. Telling your story.

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