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Summer's End Organic Editorial

20150826_9168Hi, I'm Kendra. I am 25 years old. I like coffee, organic food, art, family time, music, florals, and of course - taking pictures. On a normal afternoon, you would find me in my skinny jeans and a comfortable tee. I strive to live a big life full of love, beauty, and togetherness.20150826_895320150826_9276I think my passion for taking pictures comes from my fear of time - life goes by so quickly! So, I try to freeze those extra special moments. Wether I'm photographing a wedding or simply a family session, I am on the lookout for moments - the moments that you're experiencing something so sweet that your heart already misses it. 20150826_909220150826_903920150826_9009I find most of my inspiration from shooting in natural environments and having good light. I consider my style of photography to be journalistic or lifestyle. I like to catch my clients being themselves. I like create a rockin' Spotify playlist to set whatever mood we are trying to create, and we just have a great time. 20150826_907720150826_9142I am incredibly grateful for my photography business and the journey on which it has taken me. It's beautiful (and humbling) to look at my work from the past five years and see how much I've grown. I have been able to meet and work with so many fascinating clients, inspiring business owners, and fellow creatives. 20150826_9348Enough about me, how about I talk about this shoot for a bit. This shoot was simply inspired by nature. I wanted it to have an obtainable feel. We see countless weddings and editorials with elaborate design, and expensive frills. While all of that is lovely and inspiring, I wanted to create a shoot that featured true love and simplicity. 20150827_942320150826_9174My models, Danielle Matthews and Chad Miller are actually getting married this October! I chose them for the shoot for three reasons: One - they are both such beautiful people. Two - they love without holding back. Three - chad's killer beard. With good music and some bubbly, we set out to  create this organic editorial. 20150826_9183I can't leave out the other wonderful businesses that contributed to this shoot. Groom's neck tie, Bride's dress, cake, cuff links, tie clip, florals, hair20150826_921320150826_935220150827_939420150827_9453

COMPANY: K. LaVoy Photo


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