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Hello there!

My name is Alexa Fuhrman-Sherman and I am the owner of Storyteller Photography! I am also an Army wife, mom to a beautiful one-year-old little girl and fur baby.


My photography journey started out how many others’ did. In high school I was kind of an overachiever and had almost all of my credits done after my sophomore year leaving me with almost two full years of electives. My very first class on the first day of junior year was a photography class. Before this class I had absolutely no interest in photography or art whatsoever because I never really thought of myself as the creative type. This was the day that completely changed the way I looked at the world. Seriously. I am not saying that to be cheesy or to make a point, it really happened. I started to look at the world in a new light and recognize beauty in things that some others wouldn’t.


Throughout this course I fell so in love with photography and what I could do with a camera. I begged my mom to get me a camera and that Christmas I got my very own point and shoot camera. Looking back, it really makes me laugh because I did a lot of research on the camera I wanted and chose a lime green point and shoot (hey, we all started somewhere right?). That Christmas my mom surprised me and I opened that very camera.


Come senior year, I was asking ALL of my friends if I could take their senior pictures and most of them obliged. I actually did not do too bad considering they were with a point and shoot! A couple of the parents were surprised even and this made my confidence build up a lot. Ever since then I have been doing photography on and off in my life. I have finally made it a full business so I get to live my dream each and every day. I am so in love with my job and I have found that I have the best clients.


Speaking of having the best clients I would like to introduce you to Karlee. Isn’t she stunning? This is a senior session I did with her fairly recently. I also have a confession to make: she is my cousin. I use her quite a bit to give myself some practice and test out new things I want to try. At this particular session I was home taking family photos and we went back to her parent’s house for a cookout. My aunt and uncle have a pretty nice pond out back and I noticed that the light was perfect so I helped her pick out this pretty mint colored dress, grabbed my camera and started shooting.


I love the look of sun flares in a photograph but I….well, suck at it. So this is what I was originally trying to do. I got a couple good ones and a couple flops that immediately got deleted. Overall, this is an amazing session with some pretty killer light. I am very happy with the results!

untitled-227 untitled-274

Thank you for reading!


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