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Standing out from the Crowd: 3 ways to make your clients happy

Standing out from the crowd

Every day we hear about customer service and how we can serve our customers better. In my business, I am more focused on the experience of the customer and the service they receive is only 1 part. Here are 3 ways you can stand out from the crowd and generate more leads.

Every decision I make, what lights I use, what camera I use, what vendors I partner with all focus on making a better experience for my customer.


Surprise gifts

Gifts come in many shapes and sizes and they can be as simple as a thank you card. For my wedding clients, I send them a $5 Starbucks gift card with a simple note saying “I know how stressful wedding planning can be, take this gift card and take a break”. This simple gesture reminds my clients that I care and it brings a smile to their face.

Do More. Do Different.

I know this sounds cliche but go above and beyond at your events, during your sessions, and during your meetings. Never let them see you sweat and always smile. The last thing you want at a wedding is guests seeing you panicked or tired. Wear the smile with pride. Be different than your competition and you will see the rewards!

Make things simple!

My clients love creating cards for wedding invites, birthday parties, and senior grad parties. My previous process involved them selected the photos, choosing a layout, going back and forth with proofs etc. Not only is this really unproductive for me, it is also very stressful for them. Now with Basic Invite I simply give my clients the website and I give them a discount code to create their own invites. It puts them in control and they feel like they are saving money!

These are just 3 of the things that I do in order to keep my clients happy. Happy clients generate leads. Trust me!

Tj Houston is a wedding and portrait photographer from Nova, Ohio. Tj is known for going above and beyond for his clients and standing out from the crowd. To see more of TJ’s work check out his website and Instagram.



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