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Southeast Alaska Bridal Portraits | Asia Dore Photography


Planning a wedding means hours upon hours of researching, organizing, scheduling, and preparing for just one day of your life. And when that day finally arrives it flies by in an instant. So when Kristen asked me about a bridal portrait session on the beaches of Southeast Alaska, I couldn't say yes fast enough. Because honestly? After all that planning she deserved an hour of fun in her stunning J.Crew gown with the wind hitting her veil. For no one other than her, for no reason other than "why not."

Pro Tips: If you're considering a bridal portrait session (and I hope you are!), plan on booking it on the same day as your hair & makeup trial like Kristen did. Also, make sure your portrait photographer knows your wedding date so no sneak peeks get posted before your big day.


I'm Asia, and my job is awesome. I'm a portrait, wedding, and elopement photographer in Wrangell, Alaska. You hear a lot about photography as a way to preserve memories. Freeze time. Capture moments. But that's not the reason I'm a photographer. Because while I agree a photograph allows us to relive a wonderful thing that happened once, I believe it can also serve as a reminder that wonderful things happen every single day. A reminder that THIS is the moment you're in now, and it has the potential to be whatever you want it to be. This philosophy has driven me toward a style that focuses on the quiet, subtle, in-between moments. I hope to inspire my clients to be truly present in their lives, because when our simplest moments are acknowledged? That's when we're really living.

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