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Ciao! I'm Silvia, a 24-year-old Italian photographer. I started taking pictures when I was 15 years old because I began to feel anxious about the passing of time and I wanted to find a way to freeze every detail of my simple life. To me, photography seemed like the perfect way to do so: through a simple click you can capture a moment forever and preserve it as you see it, with all its beauty.

(2011.11.19) © Silvia Sala 021Senza titolo-1I've never been the kind of photographer who spends a lot of time planning how to make a picture and creating the scene. Instead, I photograph without thinking too much, just trying to find the best way to represent reality as it is. I don't want my pictures to look contrived; I try to be a silent observer, not a participant.

(2011.11.19) © Silvia Sala(2011.11.19) © Silvia Sala (2011.11.19) © Silvia Sala

Of course sometimes when I'm doing a photoshoot I have to intervene and suggest some poses, but I usually like to portray people's natural behavior: laughing, kissing and enjoying themselves. I always use natural light because it gives the pictures soft and bright colours. I like to get a warm and cozy vibe in my photos, especially during wedding photoshoots because it gives a sense of intimacy and love. I don't edit my pictures too much, I just try to improve them by adding some vintage filters because I think that digital colours straight out of the camera are a bit too cold.

(2011.11.19) © Silvia Sala(2011.11.19) © Silvia Sala

I started taking wedding pictures by chance, back in 2011, when a friend of mine who was getting married (and really liked my photos, of course), asked me to be one of the two photographers of her wedding. She believed in me and gave me an amazing opportunity. At first I was a bit nervous and anxious because I had never done that before and it was a big responsibility.

(2011.11.19) © Silvia Sala(2011.11.19) © Silvia Sala 169(2011.11.19) © Silvia Sala 212(2011.11.19) © Silvia Sala

Anyway, everything that day went well; I took pictures as I've always done, trying to capture details, people laughing and talking, the couple while kissing and hugging. I tried to imitate the style of the photographers I followed on social media. After that, I had the chance to photograph other weddings and I found out that I really like that type of photography because I get to see people happy when they look my pictures of their great day. I enjoy feeling all the emotions present during a wedding day, from the anxiety of the bride and her family while getting ready to the groom's happiness when he sees his bride dressed up for the first time, from the tears of joy during the ceremony to the crazy drunk party after the reception, and so on. 

(2011.11.19) © Silvia Sala (2011.11.19) © Silvia Sala

I chose to show you the pictures of my first wedding because it is thanks to that opportunity that I was able to start working in this field, and because I think that it represents my style well: soft colours, light from sunset and a dreamy atmosphere.  (2011.11.19) © Silvia Sala (2011.11.19) © Silvia Sala

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