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Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Shelby Schelling and I am from Winchester, Ohio. I have been shooting photography for 3 years in August. My photography business has just been on the side while I am working other jobs but, I would love to grow my business so big that I could do it all the time. I am married to a dairy farmer so that can be fun. The farm life is the life for me! With that being said, I do live in the country and I love when I get to shoot country weddings or engagement photo shoots. Here is a picture of myself and my husband so you can put my name with a face.


(Photo Credit: KariMe Photography By: Kari Bowmen)

I said that country themed shoots were my favorite. I recently did a country themed engagement shoot this past weekend. The bride and groom (Ashley and Travis) are getting married in September. I went to high school with the bride and attended the same college with her, she is also my Kappa Delta sister. Needless to say, I have known the bride for a little while. I loved this shoot because I got to work with things I know. Ashley also let me get creative; her and the groom were not afraid to try what I asked. It also comes in handy when the bride and groom have an idea of what they want. The only thing that wasn't pleasant about this shoot, is that it was around 93 degrees and humid!!! I would say that I am still working on my photography style. I would love to get more into the natural light photography, I love the look of the photos; they are crisp and clear. Overall, I am a very relaxed photographer. I am not afraid to try difficult poses;  I like to use props if I can. I always want to get the subject(s) ideas of what they want before we begin. I also like to tell clients that there really is not a limit on time or how many photos I take. I love to shoot and take multiple shots to make sure I get the right one. I love to shoot until I run out of ideas. Thanks for reading my post and enjoy some photos from my latest shoot that I mentioned.

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