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Shelby Champagne Photography | Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer

heyyyyo!  I’m Shelby Champagne, the girl behind the camera. and before you ask, yes! that is my real name.

I’m super bad at writing about myself,.. but I guess the best point I can get across is that I’m in love with my job. I love it in the way that I can connect with people on so many different levels, like finding out what makes you laugh until you pee or what fuels your fire. I want to capture what makes you, you, and if we can do that while having the best time ever, that’s awesome.

I’ve been told working with me is like a mini adventure & I will work with just about anyone as long as we can have a great time. I’ll do anything to make you laugh! And, I believe that reflects in my work. My style is raw, real, and authentic.

This session posted below was one that I did for myself to stay inspired - I believe that is a huge part of making your dream also your career.

Roanne, one of my seniors from the past summer, is always a fun time and such a joy to work with. This shoot was done in my parents backyard based on the Wisconsin river, so the area is really sentimental to me as well. We had so much fun chasing the sunset & dancing to Beyonce… killing so so so many spiders & almost tipping the canoe in the process. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. All of the heart eyes goes to this girl for putting up with my creative mess of a mind.

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I’m a huge fan of the classic pb&j, coffee & anything antiqued or old. I’d like to think that I was born in the wrong decade sometimes & so many people tell me that ,as well.  I wear a lot of rings all the time & i’m always looking for things to inspire me. I also have this really bad obsession with anything hgtv like (seriously, i’m on craigslist daily looking for my own fixer uppers). I’ve got three fur babies- fonzi, rueben & taboo- who are very dear to me. My family and friends are definitely one of the main factors in keeping me sane, even though they aren’t themselves. I believe in making the most of your life by surrounding yourself with only the best things and people.

view more of my work at my website or on my insta.

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