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So, first of all, my name is Corey Yeasley and I'm located in West Michigan, about forty-five minutes northeast of Grand Rapids. I have never written a blog let alone a blog about myself and I will say that creative writing or writing, in general, isn't one of my strengths but throughout the years I have gained the mentality to always push myself outside of my boundaries so here it goes!


My photography goes by the name of See Why Photography, a good friend of mine came up with the name,  which is word play off of my initials (C.Y.). Currently, I do photography as a hobby or a gig on the side of having a full-time job and it's my dream is to transition into doing photography full time. Each year I continue to make small steps forward whether it be obtaining more inquiries, getting more bookings, learning how to run the business side more diligently or even working on the creative side of photography. As I continue to push forward I learn, grow and prosper more and more every year.

2016 was an alright year. I do believe I did a total of nine sessions, which consisted of four family sessions, 2 senior portrait sessions, one engagement session, one head shot portrait session and one model! I know that isn't a whole lot for most of you but with everything I have to balance out, i think it's a great accomplish for me and an even great momentum going into 2017.

Basic Invite had approached me about doing a feature about my photography brand MONTHS ago! I was told that I had to choose to write about my favorite session and for the longest time I struggled with deciding which one I enjoyed the most. I had come up with a great idea. I decided to go with a  family I have worked with over the past two years to tell more of a story of this family's pregnancy journey! In 2014 I did this family's gender reveal that had everyone in suspense which was exciting on my part! Here are some of the images from that session! untitled-2014-89 untitled-2014-93 untitled-2014-97 untitled-2014-102

Then in 2015, I did their Maternity session. These are my favorite out of all three sessions because of the way the sun hit the lens creating the sun flare!  Here are some images from that session! untitled-2015-141-Edit untitled-2015-56-Edit-2 untitled-2015-28-Edit untitled-2015-177-Edit

And finally, in 2016, I also did their son's first-year pictures! This was a fun session as well! We went to a local park and just followed the little guy around until he wasn't having it anymore! Here are images from that session! untitled-2016-14-Edit untitled-2016-40-Edit untitled-2016-50-Edit untitled-2016-93-Edit

Altogether I thoroughly enjoyed capturing this family's precious moments!

I would like to encourage anyone and everyone that took the time out to read this feature of my photography journey to check out more of my work on my website.  I also would appreciate if you would check out my Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to contact me at

Thank you!!

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