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Sarah Tapp Photography ~ Southeast Idaho Wedding Photographer

Photography is more than just a business for me. It's my passion, it's my life, it's what I love!


After high school, I decided to go straight to college but wasn't sure what I wanted to study. Which is weird for me because I'm a perfectionist and a planner. But I did know one thing, I wanted to be a mom one day. So, I decided that I would do something practical and something that I loved. I studied administrative assisting, photography, and event planning. Crazy, right? But, not for me.

I wanted something that I could do on the side while I was raising my kids and something more stable if I absolutely had to work. Don't worry, I wasn't even married at this point. (I told you I'm a planner) So, I got through college in 3 years, and married my high school sweetheart 4 months after I graduated.

Well, I've been married for a year and a half and don't have kids yet, but my whole life and everything I do is based on my family and the love that I have for them. So, I'm supporting my husband through school, working a full-time job that I DON'T love but that pays the bills.

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This last January, I had a friend that convinced me to go to a styled shoot and then I was introduced to a whole new world. A world where community thrives and creatives lift each other instead of competing against each other. Which, before this point, competition was my only view. And after that realization I decided that it was either time to quit photography or time to get serious and actually work at it.

So, I decided to work at it. And I mean, WORK. But in the process of all the education I've had and the other photographers I follow and the creatives that I learn from, I've realized that I LOVE what I do and I will NEVER give up on it. And you know why? Because I figured out why I am a photographer.

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Like I said earlier, everything I do is based on my family. I love them so much. And over the past few months I've realized how much love I have for marriage and family in general. I married my high school sweetheart and it was the best day of my life. I've seen my parents marriage and my siblings' marriages and I've realized that I want LOVE TO LAST. I want it to OVERCOME! I know that marriage isn't easy. I know that there are always rough days, but LOVE WILL OVERCOME ALL!

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Think about how you feel when someone, anyone shows love to you. Whether it be a friend, a colleage, a family member, or even a stranger! It makes you feel good. It makes you feel worthwhile. It makes you feel confident. It makes you feel valued. And most of all, it makes you feel LOVED. I LOVE love. And that is why I do what I do. To capture that love and to spread the message that LOVE WILL OVERCOME.

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  • Melanie

    Great pictures!!!

  • Melissa Johnson

    I am in need of a quote for a wedding photographer such as yourself. I live in Blackfoot, Idaho so I don't know if that is close for you or if there's a travel fee. But we have set our wedding date for 8/25/18. Please email me and we can talk more.

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