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On September 17th I photographed my favorite wedding to date! The location, the couple, the details...everything was PERFECT.  The sun peeked in and out between clouds, the fall flowers were in full bloom, they swayed back and forth in the warm breeze. Everything was calm and quiet aside from the waves crashing against the shore. Peaceful.

The Portage Point Inn is located in Onekama Michigan-which you'll most likely never find on a map, it's SO small. The Inn was built in the early 1900's and walking onto the property is like time traveling back to the 50's.

This couple's story is just as charming as the location- the Bride spent her summers here with her parents and even though her, the groom, and all of the guests live out of state, they couldn't think of being married anywhere else. This was their destination wedding, & I am SO glad I got to be included.

This location is a photographers dream. The Inn itself has tons of natural light in every room, there is a beach and marina right on the grounds, old cabins and buildings scattered about-which means lots of old weathered wood (my fave) it's surrounded by old narrow roads with very little traffic, and is just a few steps from the beach, dunes, and Lake MI where the sunset is always amazing this time of year. I had very little trouble channeling my creative energy at this event. I cant wait for the upcoming 2017 weddings at this location.

I have a clean edit style most of the time and this fit right into their bright sunny wedding day. I've been photographing professionally for almost 4 years now, and am always trying new things, you really have to be willing to change and grow often in this profession,  I get bored if Its the same thing all the time.

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