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I am Sarah, a mother of two girls, a wife to a wonderful husband and the owner of Sarah Michele Photography. Employed previously as a labor and delivery nurse, I switched over to full time photography six years ago. I could not be happier that I made the transition from helping to deliver life- to capturing it. I specialize in family, wedding and newborn photography and I strive to capture those moments naturally and how they happen. Being a mom, I realize that our children grow before our eyes every day. Before we know it, our little baby that we bring home from the hospital is hopping on the bus and heading off to school. Because of this, I believe that photographs should be more than pictures that are just taken at an event. They should be treated as memories.


Basically photos should serve as time capsules of your family and friends. A picture should tell a story- every time you look at an image it should bring you back and fill you with a flood of emotions. Whether it is a photo of your wedding, or a picture of your newborn son; looking at that image should help you relive the moments that are displayed within the photograph. Photography should never feel staged, posed or forced- a photograph should capture someone naturally during an experience.


From the moment you said yes and the day you say “I do” leads up to the moment you carry your first baby inside of you. Then fast forward to the time they take their first breath, lose their first tooth or cut their own hair and then suddenly are packing their bags for college; these are the moments you want to remember. These are the moments that make up your life. These are your memories. This is art.


As Chief Creator behind the lens as SMP, I have captured more family memories, wedding vows and squishy newborns than I can count! SMP was featured in David Tutera’s A Bride’s Life, Bayside Bride, For Real Weddings, Bridal Guide Magazine and Labella Africana. Recently I launched a photography focus solely for small businesses as well as created workshops for new and budding photographers. Booking currently for 2017 and 2018 weddings that are local, I also am willing to cover weddings abroad. If you are looking to invest in your family or wedding photography please contact me by following the links below!



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