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HI! My name is Sarah. Please bare with me, writing is not my major! Growing up I never planned on becoming a photographer, but I always had something to do with the arts. First is was drawing, painting, and then I started tattooing. Nothing ever stuck for very long besides painting here and there. Finally about 6 years ago, I had a Kodak camera that was broken but still worked! ( A little) After that I couldn't get enough. I love what I do and even when I feel myself over working I am still happy! I love that no matter how much I learn as a photographer, there is always more! We are all artists.

This wedding is one of my favorites. I love taking images and you can see how much love is between the bride and groom.

This photo above is all natural. We were doing family shots and took a quick break. I look over and this happened!

Being a photographer is very rewarding in many ways. When a client tears up on the images, it is the best feeling. I meet so many amazing new people and reoccurring clients every time I go to a session. To provide something that last a lifetime will never grow old!

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