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Sandra and Eric - London Pre-Wedding Shoot

Sandra and Eric

Hi Basic Invite family and subscribers!

I am Malachi Ajose, a fine-art portrait, wedding and lifestyle photographer, hailing from Surrey, United Kingdom.

Sandra and Eric, to date is the best pre-wedding shoot, I have ever shot. Shooting a wedding is a very big event and I consider it an honour when asked to document such a great event. Sandra is a recognised Model within the UK and Eric is a model in his own right. Sandra lives in London, United Kingdom and Eric lives in Paris, France, however, the couple were getting married in London and wanted a London based pre-wedding shoot.

We shot on a sunny Saturday morning in Bank, Central London and we had a great time. The streets were empty and the couple looked amazing together. Sandra and Eric were great to shoot with, their energy was fantastic, they were really excited and their love for one another was amazing to experience.

The day was full of laughs, more laughs and even more laughs.

Couple's like Sandra and Eric, are the reason why I do what I do, being able to meet new people, experiencing their love for one another and documenting one of the most intimate moment's of their lives, is an absolute joy.

I could talk, talk more and talk even more, about this shoot, but i'd rather let the images do the talking.

Get comfortable and enjoy the images.


Sandra + Eric | Pre-Wedding Shoot-14 Sandra + Eric | Pre-Wedding Shoot-19 Sandra + Eric | Pre-Wedding Shoot-40 2016-09-04_0031 Sandra + Eric | Pre-Wedding Shoot-98 Sandra + Eric | Pre-Wedding Shoot-106 Sandra + Eric | Pre-Wedding Shoot-113 Sandra + Eric | Pre-Wedding Shoot-119 Sandra + Eric | Pre-Wedding Shoot-127 Sandra + Eric | Pre-Wedding Shoot-136 Sandra + Eric | Pre-Wedding Shoot-188 Sandra + Eric | Pre-Wedding Shoot-202 2016-09-04_0037 2016-09-04_0038 2016-09-04_0040 Sandra + Eric | Pre-Wedding Shoot-230 2016-09-04_0045 Sandra + Eric | Pre-Wedding Shoot-282 Sandra + Eric | Pre-Wedding Shoot-309 Sandra + Eric | Pre-Wedding Shoot-321

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