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I am a professional photographers and retoucher currently residing in Clare, Michigan. I specialize primarily in portraiture but photograph a variety of subject matter including weddings, commercial, and events.


I grew up outside of the small town of Clare, Michigan where I started to love photography. Near the beginning of high school I started photographing wildlife and nature near my home out in the woods. While I was in high school my work was published in several magazines including Shutterbug, Digital Photo, Outdoor Photographer, PDNedu, and Audubon. As time went on I grew to love portraiture even more than landscape and wildlife photography.


In August 2012 I moved to the small town of Greenfield, Massachusetts and started my studies at Hallmark Institute of Photography. I studied under renowned portrait photographers Gregory Hiesler, David Tuner, and Rich Barns. I graduated with the Highest Academic Honor and was also voted “most chill” by my peers.


After graduating from the Hallmark Institute of Photography I moved back to Clare, Michigan and starting running Ryan Watkins Photography.


It is difficult picking my favorite photoshoot but I decided to go with a wedding I photographed of a couple I’ve known for a very long time from my hometown.


Jason and Rachael’s wedding went off without a hitch. The hilarious energetic couple made this wedding one of my all time favorites.


The details from the wedding can be easily overlooked but many times they end up being some of my favorite images from the wedding. Without these photographs many of these small details of the day would have been forgotten about.


As a portrait photographer I’m always looking for genuine emotions in my photographs.


With my portrait shoots I always like to find areas that are sentimental to the client. This bridge was a sentimental place for the couple.

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