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Romantic Beach Engagement in San Diego

Originally from the east coast, I'm now adapting to life in Southern California.  I've always been a lover of rain, four seasons, and green scenery.  Though we don't see much of those things here in San Diego, there are many other amazing things that make San Diego a favorite for those that visit and call this place "home".

Since the sun is almost always shining, you get beautiful sunsets on the beach, and great light just about anywhere you go.  Being drawn to light, has made Chris and Denise's beach session an all time favorite.

Coronado Engagement-3062

I absolutely loved photographing these two. I'm so thankful to have photographed their session at Silver Strand Beach located just south of Coronado in San Diego. It's a low key beach that creates such calm atmosphere with a beautiful oceanside sunset on one side, and a gorgeous mountain view of the bay on the other.


Coronado Engagement-3123 Coronado Engagement-3112Coronado Engagement-3117

As I was photographing them, I could definitely feel the connection they shared and can tell they are definitely a match made in heaven!

Coronado Engagement-3135Coronado Engagement-3226  Coronado Engagement-3271Coronado Engagement-3248Coronado Engagement-3241

If you were to meet these two, you would find that the smiles and laughs you saw captured in their shoot come naturally when in one another's presence.

Coronado Engagement-3183Coronado Engagement-3181Coronado Engagement-3292

"What I love about chris is that he's so sweet and loving, he always makes me laugh. We are so silly together which is something we both love, we can just be ourselves with each other no matter how silly." -Denise

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