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Rockin Robin Photography- Senior and Family Photographer

Hey there, I'm Robin from I've been taking pics all of my life, I started back in junior high with my film camera and have continued that journey ever since.

I love all aspects of photography... portrait, landscape, travel, macro, i phone etc. I have just recently moved from sunny San Diego to Utah and I'm loving the beautiful landscapes this state offers.... mountains, blue skies, pine trees, sage brush.

My favorite subject to photograph are seniors in high school. They have so much sparkle and zest for life. I'm always blown away at the beauty that these individuals possess inside and out. They are so excited for what their future holds for them and gives me so much hope for this next awesome generation.

I found it hard to pick one of my favorite shoots, I love them all. I decided to show off Maren. We shot this session in June and the weather was crazy. Sun, rain, lightning, hail,  clouds, rainbows, and then sunshine again. It wasn't the ideal conditions but we had to improvise fast.2016-09-08_00052016-09-08_00012016-09-08_00022016-09-08_0003 2016-09-08_0004 webmaren-45-Edit webmarencollage10x10 webprint20x10collagemaren webprintcollagemaren2-1 webprintmaren-465-Edit webprintmaren-484-Edit2016-09-08_0006

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