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Hi everyone – my name is Robin O’Neill, and I’ve been photographing weddings in and around Whistler, BC, for almost ten years. My primary work as a commercial photographer is founded in outdoor lifestyle and sports action in the mountains, so naturally I love a chance to shoot with outdoorsy adventurous couples. Emily and Tristan were a great fit! Their choice of a rural location, combined with their fun attitude and readiness to explore the natural environment made it one of my all-time favorite weddings to shoot.

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Emily and Tristan’s wedding began on a beautiful summer morning at a cedar chalet nestled in the mountains near Whistler. After getting ready inside, they met up along the forested pathways in the nearby woods to see each other for the first time. These guys were so genuinely happy, capturing spontaneous moments was almost too easy!

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We then headed up the Sea to Sky highway from Whistler to Pemberton, stopping along the way for a stroll by Green Lake and through an open field. Their beautiful wedding venue was a big red barn in the Pemberton Valley, surrounded by alpine meadows and mountain peaks. There were tons of little details for me to capture in the vintage farm décor and rustic surroundings. Emily and Tristan's personality and style shone through every little touch.

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With the evening light and a big open sky, there was no wrong direction to point the camera! The ceremony was held under a homemade archway out on the grass as the sun was setting, accompanied by a violin/cello duo. After an outdoor dinner, the party moved into the barn for music and dancing late into the night.

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