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Basic Invite sent me a letter asking me to guest blog and I thought, "That's awesome she would reach out to me. I could always use another friend."  Being a photographer is a great way to make friends


The first time I held a camera I was awkward, thirteen, and somehow assigned to be the junior high school yearbook photographer.  With this new-found position I was able to leverage myself into the center circle of some of the most popular kids.  In college I used my impressive photo skills and access to a secluded darkroom to seduce my now husband of eleven years.


Since opening Ravenberg Photography seven years ago I have had an great time making friends with my clients.  I chose this wedding because right from the begining Laura and Spencer felt like friends.  Even looking at their photos I hope you feel like you know them.  Also I loved the details of their wedding.  I felt like the large jenga game or polloriod frame was a fun idea, and maybe a fun idea could help a future friend out.  ;)


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