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Raquelle Loraine Photography

Hello, I’m Raquelle from Raquelle Loraine Photography based in Newcastle, Australia.

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I started shooting when I was 10 years old, growing up surrounded by a family of professional photographers I fell in-love with film at an early age. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a photography geek, I would hang around outside the school darkroom begging my primary school principal to let me in and join the photography club. Unfortunately, you had to be 11+ and I was only 10! I didn’t give up though; day after day I waited for my chance to pitch my case as to why I should be allowed into the club. I think it was the sheer determination that eventually paid off and my principal said “yes”! I spent hours in the school darkroom watching and learning the chemical process to finally developing my own films. Watching my pictures develop in front of my eyes was magic and that was when my love for film really started. That following year was filled with wonder and excitement, I entered my work into a rural arts show and to my surprise I won first prize and as a result the local newspaper ran a story on me.


Fast-forward 20 years, I’m now 30 and that excitement, love and passion for photography still burns bright. Now, not only am I a professional photographer but a wife and mummy to 3 beautiful kids too. My life is busy but I couldn’t imagine my world any different.


My style has changed over the years but I have found I’m a true lifestyle photographer with a focus on fresh, creative and romantic imagery. I love uncluttered and pretty images with the subjects as the primary focus. I get told that my images are ‘candid’ and although my images tend to look very ‘in the moment’ - candid isn’t really candid. I’m very hands on, I like to foster real connections between my couples, giving them some direction and let them fall naturally and comfortably into the ‘pose’ which typically yields laughter, lust and love.


I chose this engagement session because when I see this gallery it warms my soul! This couple is due to tie the knot in December and I cannot wait to be a part of their special day. They have something very unique, a pure kind of love that is so apparent in the way they look at each other! I love to capture images that are authentic and romantic with lots of happiness and laughter and I just adore the love and energy that makes these photographs so genuine.

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I’m the type of person who overshares, I can talk your ear off about posing, style and how to go about getting the most beautiful images and I think that is because I truly believe that investing in your memories is the biggest gift you can give yourself and your future generations. Your photos connect the pieces of your life together, they are evidence that you were here, that you mattered, that you lived! Images can ignite your spirit and bring back the most precious memories in a really beautiful way.

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To see more of my work you can find it on my website and social media.

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