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Rachel Wakefield International Wedding Photographer

sarah_jeff_engaged-79My love for photography bloomed as a young adult. Growing up with my mom being an artist, I was submerged into the art world young. On the weekends we'd visit museums. During the week I'd study her as she'd create on different mediums. Her paintings and drawings flowed throughout our home. She encouraged me to see art everywhere I went.

My soul has and always will long to create. 

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At the age of 22 I decided to pick up my camera, invest in a lens and start documenting couple's love..

So many people chanted me on as I stumbled through making mistakes and taking risks.

Photography isn't just about taking a good photo with nice light. For me, it's about telling the story of someone's love.

How can I get you to feel what they feel? How can you experience what they are experiencing?


Because of LOVE I have been able to step on ground I never would have imagined.

Sarah and Jeff's session in Malibu, California at El Matador Beach was one of my absolute favorite adventures! We hit the sand at sunset. We danced in the water, climbed on rocks, practiced vows and were surrounded by one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Playful. Free-Spirited.

These guys had no problem just enjoying the beach and one another for their engagement session.

Submerging into people's lives and stories leaves me full.

It's getting to create together that brings me to a satisfying place as an artist.

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Are you even kidding me? I can't wait to create in more epic places with incredible souls.

Isn't it crazy that something so lovely and perfect leaves you craving more?


Thanks so much Basic Invite for the feature. So honored.

And YOU, yeah you, reading this... let's go create. Together.

'til next time...

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Photo taken by Heather Hall Photography. Her website:

Rachel Wakefield Photography


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