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Rachel Renner Photography: Bohemian Beauty

Hello everyone!  My name is Rachel Renner and I love capturing beauty, particularly people.

bohemian-beauty-sunset-portraits-southern-alberta-4 bohemian-beauty-sunset-portraits-southern-alberta-1

Photography for me is an avenue of expression unlike any other. It drives me to view the world differently, taking note of gorgeous light and colours and textures. Often I'll wander off and just explore with my eyes all of the potential both natural and urban environments have to offer. The real inspiration strikes, however, the moment I have a person to put amongst the beauty. bohemian-beauty-sunset-portraits-southern-alberta-6 bohemian-beauty-sunset-portraits-southern-alberta-10

It's been an interesting road to get where I am today.  Five years ago it was simply a far off dream to have a blooming photography business.  I was hard set on my forever plan of becoming a teacher. However, doors closed and obstacles arose that prevented me from pursuing many of my goals. The moment I stopped trying to hold myself to a silly plan was the moment I started walking in faith. As it turns out, it was toward a future that has proven to be far more rewarding, challenging, and meaningful than I'd ever imagined. Photography was always there on the sidelines of my life, it was just waiting for a chance to be pursued.

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This Bohemian Beauty session was a breath of fresh air amidst the busy wedding season I found myself in. We took our time adventuring through the various lights and vibes to capture some of my favourite images to date. When the emails, bookwork and editing is piling up during a busy season it's so very important to me as an artist to go back to the roots and remember how much I love my job. Above all I am created to create, and thats precisely what this adventure allowed me to do.

bohemian-beauty-sunset-portraits-southern-alberta-13 bohemian-beauty-sunset-portraits-southern-alberta-2 bohemian-beauty-sunset-portraits-southern-alberta-9Thank you so much for taking a look! bohemian-beauty-sunset-portraits-southern-alberta-5 bohemian-beauty-sunset-portraits-southern-alberta-15bohemian-beauty-sunset-portraits-southern-alberta-8bohemian-beauty-sunset-portraits-southern-alberta-3

Model: Chloë Chapdelaine

Flower Crown: Diva Dolls

COMPANY: Rachel Renner Photography


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