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Rachel Abi | Wedding Photographer

I always like to start a conversation like I'm in the middle.  There is something about jumping past the "hello, I'm Rachel Abi" and right into the middle that makes me feel more like we are close friends then just meeting.  It is my favorite thing about being a wedding photographer: meeting people and getting to know them.  My mother always said I had never met a stranger; I guess I just love what I do all the more because of that: getting to know people.  I love coming in along side each one of my amazing couples and helping them feel completely at home and make sure their day goes off with ease.


I wasn’t one born with a camera in hand and a reflector in the other but I grew to love it.  I found out that I could combine my love of art, camera and people… never looked back.


I mean, how many people can say that they love what they do?  I get to be with a couple, get to know them, their love, their laugh, and then walk with them through the most important day of their life?!?  I love serving people and the ability to do that on this day… I get to be a part of making their memory,  I get to help make it great, easy and fun.  YES!  Sign me up!


Years have passed and I have changed, or, sure to goodness, I sure hope I’ve changed and improved, but this passion to love on people has never and it is a joy to be honored by each of the couples who have chosen and who will choose me in the future.


I file through the Rolodex that is my mind(Yes I’m that old. Don’t hate.) and consider all the great people I have been allowed to shoot.  I think one wedding I was really honored to shoot was an intimate destination wedding in Hawaii.  It was really small.  Just the bride, groom, best man, matron of honor and their daughter.  It wasn’t fancy or over the top.  But it was a joy to be there with them.  I was one of seven people at their wedding.  What an honor?!?  I was able to be with her as she got dressed, talked about life back home, stand on the beach while they committed to each other… They liked keeping the images to themselves even, a private memory just for them.


The honor of being chosen to shoot a wedding is never small.  A couple is electing to have a stranger come in on their wedding day, allowing me to be with them more than anyone else that day.  They are trusting me to capture their moments and memories… it is huge.  It is a trust that hits hard and deep: and I am honored each time.

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