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Hello! My name is Wavel Pugsley and I am a photographer in Kansas, the Fort Riley area.

I have always been interested in photography, but I never thought it would lead me here.  My love for photography or you can call it my obsession grew once I had both of my children.  I wanted to take pictures of them all the time! It later turned into taking pictures of my friends children, their families and much more.

Having to pick a favorite session is very hard for me, as I love small things about each session. My favorite type of session is a Military Welcome Home Ceremony, living in a military town they happen often. Being a military spouse myself I understand the emotions they are going through while their spouse is gone,  counting the days till they return, and finally waiting anxiously to hug them when they are right in front of you waiting to be reunited. Since I could not pick which one I loved the most I decided to write about two of them.

Welcome Home session are my favorite for many reasons. I love being able to  witness this truly amazing moment and capturing the emotions for them to later look back at.

For the little ones waiting to see their mom or dad is definitely the most difficult part. They can be impatient and some times get grumpy, but a lot of the time they are just super excited!!!



Then comes seeing them for the first time in many months, this is the moment I absolutely love. These moments are the reason I love doing what I do.


Their smiles say it all! You can see the happiness of just seeing each other again!


Then comes finally being able to hug each other! To be able to hug them, kiss them, and to just have them back home with you is a feeling like no other. Having been on the other side of the camera, waiting for my loved one to return is part of what makes these sessions my favorite.


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It is such an amazing and emotional moment. I am so thankful to these families for allowing me to be there.



A huge thank you to the men and women who have served and are currently serving!

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