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  Hey everybody! My name is Dustin Spencer
and I'm the owner of PhotoWize Photography, based in the DC/Northern Virginia area. I started this business 3 years ago but my love of photography goes way back to the days of Fisher-Price toy cameras and using my parents Polaroid to take what are now so lovingly (and annoyingly) known as "selfies". Fast-forward to my late twenties, as many of my childhood friends started to get engaged/married, I began to hear a lot of complaints about how expensive and difficult it was to find a decent photographer that could actually provide pictures that didn't look like everyone else's, who also didn't cost an arm and a leg to hire. So from these complaints, and given the fact that brides and grooms both typically look better with all their limbs attached, PhotoWize Photography was born. Rest assured, I pride myself in being more than just a decent photographer; I pride myself in giving you different looks, angles and edits; and most importantly, I pride myself in giving you the most gratifying, unique, and outside the box photography experience, while always being mindful of your time and budget. I treat you the way that I would want to be treated if I were in your position... as a paying customer. Not someone impressed by what equipment I'm using or how many times I've been featured or published, but as someone that just wants one small moment in time to be about them for a change; to feel important and be made to look their best.
  Two people who don't need much help looking amazing, and the stars of my favorite shoot, are my younger brother, Zachary, and his gorgeous wife Kaitlin. Newly engaged at the time, they came to me in the Fall of 2014 wanting to take advantage of the beautiful colors and settings that Loudon County, Virginia, have to offer. As is fairly normal with me, we didn't really have much of a plan. I'm a very laid back and spontaneous guy, and I like to let what I perceive as beautiful, or what my clients do, speak to us and provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable session. The weather was nice that day, the foliage was perfect, and the wind was... blustery
But fear not! In my experience, more often than not, peoples favorite pictures tend to be the ones they weren't anticipating them to be, and I think that definitely applies to Kate as she was very nervous about the gusts we dealt with all day. That being said, I hope you enjoy the pictures I've provided as much as we all do in my family, and I do hope to hear from some of you very soon! Thanks so much for taking the time to read about me, thanks to for the write-up, and a Happy 1 Year Anniversary to my baby brother and my new sister!
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