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Phases to Stunning Wedding Photography

I photograph about 30 weddings a year. While I talk about being a Spokane Wedding Photographer, Looyenga Photography goes all over the country. We've photographed weddings in Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle  and many other places on the West Coast. But creating stunning wedding photography was never the thing I always wanted to do, it was never that job I always wanted to have.

Reflection of bride and groom holding hands in the water. A stunning wedding photography image.

The great thing about wedding photography though is the emotion and uniqueness of each individual moment and wedding. People bring themselves into the day, their colors, preferences and so forth, but also their attitudes, emotions, friends and feelings. Even when photographing the same venue, I find that each event has it's own flavor and personality. Something amazing, something stunning, is unique to each wedding.

Bride and groom's ring on moss. Stunning wedding photography from Spokane.

When I started taking pictures, I never thought I would be doing what I am now. I never thought I would produce images that cause me to go "wow, how did that happen?" Instead, I always thought I would be doing photography on the side. It's funny how plans never go the way we expect, and here I am now sharing with you some of my favorite wedding photos from 2016. I would love it if you wanted to see more! Check out my website or my blog, as each of these photos has a whole post waiting to be seen. Until then though, let's look at some stunning wedding photography images from different parts of a wedding day.

Phase One: Details and Pre-wedding Photos

Stunning wedding photography of bride getting ready and checking her makeup by a window. Part of me loves being at a wedding all day. It gives me time to capture some of the little moments, the little details that are so often lost when you're not around for as long. But the other key to getting stunning wedding photography is having the people you're photographing comfortable with you. That means building relationships, being friendly, kind, and perhaps a little funny.

Brides bouquet with rings and details of brides handsBeautiful bridal bouquet with antlers and pink roses. Bride getting makeup doneInvitations and wedding details. Incredible wedding just outside of Spokane Washington. Bridal shoes reflecting in pond with lake in the background.

Phase Two: Wedding Portraits

Bride with furry white hood on standing in the snow looking at the camera. Stunning wedding photography in snowing and freezing conditions.  As wedding photographers we love portraits, because they can pull out some of the amazing things that make you, you. It means showing off the bride, and the love between them. But not just that, creating stunning wedding photography also means capturing who you are, and what you love.

Incredible bride standing by a window on the Gonzaga campus in Spokane. Bride and groom standing by reflection pool holding each other. Spokane Davenport wedding inside a ballroom with bride and groom kissing Green Bluff Wedding with bride and groom holding each other in the dark forest with light coming through the trees. Bride and groom kissing on a rock under an apple tree at Settlers Creek in Coeur d'Alene. Bride and groom standing in the barn looking at each other under thousands of christmas lights at Settlers Creek in Coeur d'Alene.

Phase Three: The Details

Tables and chairs with the centerpieces at Settlers Creek Coeur d'Alene Wedding Venue

Something I love about wedding details is how they can bring in what the couple loves and wants without actually saying anything. Rustic, elegant, rustic and elegant, you name it. The challenge as a wedding photographer is to capture the large and the small. It is not always easy to make things look like they do in real life, but when you do, you can come out with some pretty stunning wedding photography. Backyard DIY wedding table setup with antlers, candles and more. Rings on a bush at the Coeur d'Alene Resort wedding venue, the Hagadone Event Center. Wide shot of Settlers Creek at night, the Coeur d'Alene wedding Venue

I want to keep going but But in the name of space i'll end it here, perhaps with a couple extras because I can't help myself.

LooyengaPhotography-6656 Bride crying during their wedding ceremony vows. The bride smiling and looking back as she walks on the dock. Bride and groom in a canoe at sunset kissingBride and groom at sunset near Spokane Washington, at the Coeur d'Alene Resort Event Center..Bride and groom kissing in the rain as they dance during their wedding reception. Bride and Groom at the Spokane Club on New Years Eve, just after the clock hit midnight.

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