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Perretta Photography - Featured Photographer

Growing up I was always fascinated by paintings, sculptures and most certainly photography.  I was drawn into photography at 6 years old.  I was blown away that you could freeze time and bring back that moment at will.  As I grew older I would draw and eventually oil paint.  Paintings of the renaissance era really intrigued me and have been told it actually resembles by style.  I love dark imagery and like the paintings of the renaissance era, the highlights are the points that you want your audience to be drawn into. Yet the darkness of the image is what keeps your mind wanting to see more.


My style is dark, rich and most of all storytelling.  An image should pour out volumes within your mind and especially your soul.  A good image tells a thousand words, yet a great image should have you speechless at first and speak countless words thereafter.


I'm consistently thinking outside the box.  I love to know my subjects, about who they are and what makes them the person that is in front of my lens.   From there I can create an image that speaks about them, I don't just take my clients by the ocean because it's pretty. The location is just as important as the client, as it should complete the story.

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