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Peninsula Photography: Tastefully Simple Images from the Great Lakes State

We are Joshua and Jamie Knap, the photographer's behind the lens at Peninsula Photography. We are a husband and wife photography team serving the Holland area of West Michigan.  It is because of the people and places of Michigan that we started Peninsula Photography.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to have such a beautiful state in which to photograph our clients. From the shores of Lake Michigan to the many inland forests, there is no end of inspiring locations to capture. The beauty of the peninsulas of Michigan are what inspired us to get into photography and has been the backdrop of our lives. The peninsulas are where we grew up. It is where we met and were married. It is where our children were born and where they will be raised. The peninsulas are where our best memories have been made.

For us, photography is all about memories. A photograph provides a link to a moment. A picture can transport you back and help you remember a particular time in your life. This is what we try to do for our clients. We try to capture memories for them. Whether it is a pregnancy, a newborn child, or a family gathering, we try to save a moment for our clients to remember forever.

For our images, we try to focus on what is truly important: the beautiful faces and the wonderful smiles of our clients. We try to capture the emotions of a moment, whether it is the joy of a shared laugh or the love of a family's embrace. By focusing on this, our photographs reflect a tastefully simplistic style that we hope is both elegant and timeless.

Below is a sampling of our work from some of our most recent sessions. To view more of our work, please check out our Webpage and follow us on Facebook.

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