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Capturing A Story

I'm not one of those people who always knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. I never had a strong passion for one thing, I was a  jack of all trades, master of none kind of girl. The only thing I was seriously passionate about (and still am) was the first batch of chocolate chip cookies I would take out of the oven when I had a sugar craving.


I don't even know how I fell into photography, it definitely didn't come naturally to me. I had just had my first son, I bought a camera and started taking terrible pictures (which I thought were awesome) and then one day someone offered to pay me for taking their pictures.... who knew I could be a stay at home mom and get paid for something that I enjoyed? Fast forward twelve years later, after studying many hours, wasting tons of money on things I didn't need, staying up late editing, I have finally found a work/family balance and a new realization: photography is still not my passion.

What crazy lady? Yes, you see, it's not taking pictures that I have a passion for, it's the people I'm taking pictures of that I have a passion for. A passion to tell their story, to make their emotions heard, to feel like you know them without having ever met them.  It's my passion for people that has kept me going all of this time, without that, I would have hung up my camera straps years ago.

I want to share one of my favorite sessions of my daughter in my wedding dress with you. For this session, I  wanted to capture my daughter's sweet personality and innocence, and I think I may have pulled it off (although, I'm a bit biased). So, all this to say, if you are looking for a photographer, make sure they not only know their camera settings, but that they have a passion to make your story heard without words. 2016-02-29_0001.jpg 2016-02-29_0004.jpg 2016-02-29_0005.jpg 2016-02-29_0006.jpg 2016-02-29_0002.jpg So, I thought I was being all sneaky and photographed my daughter in what I thought was my mom's wedding dress....turns out, it was my Aunt Sis'...but they were too cute not too include.

2016-02-29_0007.jpg 2016-02-29_0008.jpg 2016-02-29_0009.jpg

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