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Nature's Grace - Featured Photographer

I found my love for photography when I was just a little kid. I was always taking pictures of the neighbors, our horses, the clouds, and nature. I was in the creek up to my knees in mud with my Dad’s SLR wrapped around my neck snapping away. I wandered around my parents acreage for hours imagining twinkling lights hanging from the big oak trees, the sound of chatter from friends and family along with music that played late in to the warm summer starry night.

Many years later, after an unrelated college degree, little jobs here and there and a few trips to Europe, I realized I had known all along what I was meant to be doing. That’s the funny thing about life, sometimes you already know the answer…you just have to find it.


I photographed my first wedding for a friend in 2008. It was after that first season I realized; I had what it took to organize a whole day, gather the family and friends, and calm the chaos, all with a smile on my face feeling unfazed. That is when I got serious about the idea that I could actually be a Wedding Photographer.

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The Engagement Session in my opinion is the most important piece for wonderful Wedding Photography. When I meet with my Bride and Grooms at my gallery, I show them that their Engagement Session should tell a story about their lives. To everyone else it might be just a park, but for them it’s where he proposed, where they had their first date, or where they went to just be. Picking these locations makes the sessions feel more comfortable, which makes the couple more natural.

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I really enjoy traveling and seeing new things, so when my couples ask me to go on an adventure, I am all for it. I have hung off of cliffs, gone onto abandoned bridges, up on top of rooftops, into creeks and valleys. The more we laugh at their session, the better.

Pictures of Couples who are relaxed, happy and in their element will glow. You can see them making this great memory together of their Engagement Session and Wedding, and it’s an absolute honor to be on the other side of the lens documenting it for them.


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