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Nathan English - Featured Photographer

"from the very beginning, it has always been about relationship. for the past six years i have been photographing primarily weddings, and to this day i would have to say that my daily vision and the success i have experienced has hinged on that very core concept...that great wedding images are built on the back of a relationship of trust and intimacy. for me, to be invited into a wedding day, one of the most sacred and important days of my client's lives, is an incredible privilege and honor. i spend more time with my couples than anyone else on their wedding day. my personality and artistry is written upon the very images they will have to remember their wedding day by. to go from an almost perfect stranger, to being a part of the innermost circle has always been where i find my inspiration. telling the story, weaving the narrative of such a profoundly beautiful day with a succession of moments caught in time...that is my task and for me, it never gets old.

it's a humbling place to be when you recognize that you have the privilege of working as a photographer solely because of the true support of your clients, who in turn often become good friends. i love marriage, and i love what i do...the hope is that it shows in every image!"

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