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My Kind of Magic

Time tells us one thing. It confidently states “you can’t stop me.” Photography challenges time with a bold  “yes, I can”. With a press of a shutter button, a photographer can capture a moment that will last much longer than that moments actual existence. That image then has the power to bring back every emotion caught in those four corners every time it is seen. I imagine that when photography was invented as someone looked at that first frozen moment a part of them whispered, “this must be magic”. If so, I am thrilled to be this kind of magician.

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My name is Emily Jean and I am a Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Charlottesville, Virginia. As any industry does, photography likes you to have your brand - your niche, so “Wedding and Portrait Photographer” is my label, but in truth, I don’t really enjoy limiting labels. There’s a saying that goes “jack of all trades, master of none”, but I am a firm believer in attempting to master every “trade” one feels passionate about. That is how I became a photographer (not a ‘master’ by any means, but a passionate practicer for certain!). I like to create. I like to take this life and capture it with words, with music, with art - with images. I like to connect to another human through a shared understanding of a feeling or a moment, and photography is a powerful avenue for doing just that.

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I’m learning more and more about this art the longer I practice it, and there is no limit. I will never hit a wall where there is nothing left to be learned. I will never get bored of hitting that shutter button. It’s a lot like music in that people have been writing songs about the same things for years - love, happiness, faith, betrayal, sadness, loss, hope - yet, there is always a new story to be told and somehow it will always be slightly different than the one before it because no two human experiences are the same. No matter how many fall weddings I shoot, or couples in love, or senior proms, or crying babies, or wildflowers - no two will ever be the same.


I hope my images tell a story. I hope they create a feeling in the person who sees them. I hope they last, even when the second that image holds never will. I hope that I can continue this passion because people like you trust me to tell your story from my side of the lens.

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Emily Jean Rosser

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