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A Monday Wedding In May

DSC_4021Howdy! My name is Portia and I launched Portia’s Photography about 3 years ago. I minored in black and white film photography at OSU. Studied abroad at the University of Sydney in Australia for a semester to get a better grasp on culture in hopes it would help me have a better ‘eye’. I graduated with my BA in Strategic Communication and I work full time as an Office Manager for a power equipment distributer. When I decided to start my own business on the side it was a huge leap for me but, with the love of awesome friends and family, everyday I am so grateful that I took the plunge. Especially with wedding photography.

Let's Get Down To Business, Shall We?

When asked to choose my favorite shoot I had a REALLY hard time! I sat back, closed my eyes and smiled and this particular Monday May wedding in Ohio came right to me.

Candid photos are where my heart is - when you can feel that real laugh, and the honest smile. When you see pure elation and you can’t help but smile yourself… Brea and Chase had a wedding day that was filled with joy and I’m so grateful I was asked to capture these moments!

I worked with Brea at Bob Evans while we were both in college so, when she asked me to shoot their wedding, how could I say no?! Their wedding was a gorgeous outdoor, rustic wedding in Sunbury, Ohio. She planned everything to perfection.

As a photographer, seeing this when you walk up to start your day for a wedding - is simply fantastic. I love when everyone wants to join in on the day and take photos, but sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in the day of your loved one getting married that you may forget they have paid someone to capture this so you can relax and enjoy it with them!


Brea and Chase decided on a First Look. We had plenty of extra time before guests arrived and the ceremony began! This bridal party was a blast, and I'm so glad we were able to capture every aspect, even the pups! I don’t think there was a time someone wasn’t giggling! DSC_3336DSC_3358DSC_3781DSC_3394DSC_3562DSC_3578 DSC_3604

When there is a chance for comedy - you keep the photo. Chase didn't stand a chance with that wind and veil combination!

DSC_3623 DSC_3718 DSC_3723

Daddy’s Girl. These two photographs pull on the heart strings when you look at her Dad’s face as he walks her down the aisle. Every wedding I shoot, my primary goal is to capture the moments everyone else is too busy to see. My hope is that she will cherish this photo for years to come and if all goes as planned - those butterflies will return every time!DSC_3972DSC_3982

I try to capture as much of the day unposed as possible. This image comes to mind a lot. Chase looked in my direction as just the right moment.


The vows, rings, and of course the kiss - my favorite parts of a wedding day!


The couple's send off is by far my favorite photo of the day. We spoke about every aspect! Which type of sparklers to get, to be sure they would burn long enough. The pace to walk, so that we could effectively use the light from the sparklers.

This photo is why I chose to talk about this day with you. You feel the love, the happiness. The vibe for the entire day was captured in this moment.


I’ll leave you with this beautiful couples last photo on their wedding day and the quote for which I live by. Thank you for taking the time to stop by! Please, feel free to contact me with any further questions you may have!

“The Most Wasted Day Of All Is That On Which We Have Not Laughed.” - Sebastian Roch Nicholas Chamfort.


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