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Dreaming With the Lens Wide Open

My name is Kara Webster. I’m behind the lens of K. Webster Photography & Design. I currently live in southwest Ohio with my husband and cats. I have been doing photography for about 5 years. I graduated from the School of Advertising Art focusing in graphic design and photography. I love what I do and I’m always excited for my next photo shoot! I photograph families, seniors and much more!

One of my favorite things about photography is interacting with my clients and capturing the most special moments in their lives. Sometimes capturing these special moments means stepping out of my comfort zone to get the perfect photo or achieve the goal of my client. In my years as a photographer, I’ve learned sometimes the best photo shoots are the ones that are new to you!

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Kelly’s mom reached out to me and asked me to photograph Kelly for her 15th birthday. Kelly had a dream of starting her modeling career, so she needed to begin her portfolio! This was an entirely new realm of photography for me but I was excited and confident to get started! Little did I know, this became one of my favorite photo shoots!

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Throughout this shoot, we put together a few themes. Can you guess the themes?

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This shoot took about 2 hours in hair and makeup with about an hour of touch-ups halfway through the day. We spent about 6 hours and 2 locations shooting as well as about 5 outfit changes. Kelly is truly a natural! It was clear she was doing what she loved.

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I enjoyed this shoot because I feel I was helping a young person achieve their dreams. It was very meaningful to Kelly and her mom and I feel that’s an important part of what I do, capturing meaningful moments for my clients. I also got to know Kelly and her mom very well! I believe Kelly will do great on the path to following her dreams!


Do you have a photo shoot in mind you’ve been dying to do? Contact me!

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