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ML Photo and Film

ML Photo and Film

ML Photo & Film is a team of two sisters based out of Austin, TX that specialize in photographing and filming weddings.  Marisa and Lauren started the business together because they have always been hopeless romantics and have a passion for capturing a couples love story.

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Marissa, the photographer, is a self-proclaimed photo-nerd that gets giddy when the golden sunlight is just right and makes  a couple glow.  Her style is less posed and more natural; blend of classic, simple, and fun. Her ultimate goal is to tell a couples story through her images, and not produce just another generic photo. She fell in love with photographing weddings when she got her first job in high school assisting a wedding photographer, and from then on she was hooked.  It's the unrehearsed, behind the scenes moments that she loves the most; the mother assisting her daughter with her wedding dress, the father seeing his daughter as a bride for the first time, and the joy of family and friends coming together to celebrate with the couple.

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Lauren, the older sister and videographer, is a free spirit that found her love for filming when she traveled throughout Eastern Europe and Africa for 6 months filming non-profits. She fell in love with being able to share amazing stories through video.

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When Lauren returned to Austin, she began filming friends weddings and that's when she found her ultimate passion.  She loves working with couples to capture their special day.  Whether it is in the details of the wedding dress or the look on the grooms face when he first sees his bride; each couple has a unique style and story to their wedding. She takes the time to get to know the couple so on their wedding day she's not just another random person with a camera but a friend there to capture and enjoy their special moments.

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Marisa and Lauren have had the honor of capturing weddings for the past three years and can't wait to see what the next thirty years has in store.


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