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My name is Maggie. I am part photographer, part artist, part yogi, and proud momma to an adorable "fur-baby" nicknamed LittleDog. I’m a celebrated photographer that embraces the world with a smile and camera in hand. I am a capture-er of moments...yours, mine, ours, and everyone in between.


I’ve been described as vivacious, playful, and welcoming to everyone. I’ve also been told that my smile and attitude are infectious, whenever people are around me they can’t help but smile. I love to take anyone’s photo and I want everyone that steps in front of my camera to feel like they are the most important thing in the world.


I grew up in a small farm town in Wisconsin but love to travel the world. Growing up in a small town there wasn’t much “to do” but tons of time to make and tell stories. I am a storyteller by nature, so when I discovered photography the two seamlessly went hand in hand. As a little kid I would take photos and make up stories about whatever was in the pictures. I never thought of pursuing photography as a career until I was living and studying in Spain during college. I was at Feria (the spring fair festival in Sevilla, Spain) and distinctly remember the colors, people, and invigorating atmosphere. In fact, there is one photo that I remember taking that made me think, ”This is it, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to be a photographer.” After that semester in Spain I came home, finished college, bought a digital dslr camera, and started taking anyone’s photo that would let me.


As I grew in my photography and my business, the emotions and capturing the in-between moments quickly became my favorite. Because of that, weddings are probably my favorite type of event to photograph. Seeing all of the emotions on guests’ faces is priceless.


The connection in those moments continue to draw me to photography. And I see these moments everywhere, so it doesn’t matter if it’s at a wedding, during a hot yoga class, or with a family. Those moments and people inspire me to keep pushing my artistic edge in photography and also give me a chance to tell their stories.


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