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My name is Missy Fant from Missy Fant Photography.

Taking pictures started as a hobby of mine when my husband bought me a DSLR around the time my daughter was one year old. What we both didn't know at the time was how much it would change our lives.

Shortly after, my Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was now my mission to catch every moment that we had left together. A lot of these moments stood out to me - Dad and my daughter Laney napping on the couch, family parties, and all the opportunities to capture the memories of my daughter growing up with her Grandpa.

After Dad passed away, I had to figure out a way to find a release from the sadness and pain that came with the loss of someone so important to me in my life. I would escape work early and head out to some of the beautiful places out in the wilderness here in the Pacific Northwest - like trails, waterfalls, etc. My Dad and I spent a lot of time camping and hiking together so it just made sense to me to take pictures of the things that reminded me of him.

Because of my passion for taking landscape picture of nature, I began to gain a following on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It wasn't long that I started getting requests to include people in some of the pictures of the places I enjoyed photographing.

There still was something missing. I didn't feel like I was skilled enough with a camera as I wanted to become, so I joined a local camera group with some amazing photographers who have helped me grow and push me to become better. To this day, I value that group tremendously and actively participate as much as I can.


A few years later, my brother-in-law asked me to photograph his wedding. I was kinda of scared, but excited as well. I didn't think that I would actually enjoy it. There were so many things to think about, and a lot of stress as well, which made capturing everything about their day incredibly challenging. The nice thing was, it was a low-key family event with a lot of carefree and fun people to be around. So if any mistakes were made, the atmosphere and friendly-ness made my first 'big-deal' wedding shoot much easier than I had thought it would be.  After all, there were plenty of beverages to help calm everyone's nerves.


Luckily, the venue they chose was breath-taking. The event was held at guest house on the shores of the Hood Canal here in my home state of Washington. When we started staking things out the day before, the forecast had rain in store for me. However, unlike our famed unpredictable rain spells here in Washington, I was blessed with awesome fluffy clouds floating around to add a dramatic effect.

MFP_0612_HDRMy Daughter and Husband as the best man and flower girlMFP_9760-2


My Daughter and Husband as the best man and flower girl

Wrapping the venue around my couple as they danced on the beach. I love just letting them have moments together while I capture them candidly. I think that really brings out their personalities.My past experiences have shown me to give couples images they can look back on and remember their special moment. Family, friends, emotions, and the love they all share.

MFP_0673MFP_0235MFP_0487-EditMFP_9425  MFP_9779

In closing, I hope you enjoy some these special memories that I enjoyed shooting.

Cheers, Missy Fant

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