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Michelle Manley Photography

Hello! My name is Michelle, and I am the owner of Michelle Manley Photography. I first picked up a DSLR camera in 2010, when I was expecting my second child. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing when I started taking pictures. I was so intimidated that I almost sent the camera back. Thankfully, a friend of mine encouraged me to just “take pictures”. For a long time, that’s all I did. I took pictures of everything, but didn’t learn how the settings worked on my camera. With time and practice, I slowly learned the ins and outs of my camera. I had friends who graciously allowed me to practice taking pictures of their children, and soon, I had people asking how much I charged. Michelle Manley Photography was born.

Even though I loved my newfound hobby, my husband and I also added several children in that time period. Around the time baby #5 arrived, I found that I was focusing more on taking pictures at photo shoots, and I wasn’t taking pictures in between shoots. As I was looking for pictures one day, I realized that I had gone for months without taking pictures of my kids, because I had been so busy with photo shoots. As I was reading the blog of another photographer, I was inspired to do my first Project 365. A Project 365 means you take a picture every day for a year. This Project 365 soon became my favorite “photo shoot”. I started taking pictures of the everyday moments of my own family, and I loved it. I soon found that one of my greatest joys as a photographer is using my abilities to bless my own family. Nothing compares to the magic of childhood, and I love that in years to come, my kids will have lots of pictures of them growing up. My encouragement to all parents, whether you are a photographer or not, is to take pictures of “little” moments throughout your day. They pass way too quickly.

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