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Hello, Melody Slemming of Mela Photography here! I am based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with my focus being mainly on wedding coverage and engagement photography. I have had 6 wonderful years in the photography business, but this year has been the most exciting and challenging yet. I have a passion for providing timeless, quality images and have always admired film photography for its tones, colors, depth and the process in shooting. This year my dreams came true as I invested in a medium format system and started shooting film alongside my digital photography. I now consider myself a hybrid shooter for life, as film has connected so deeply with me and my brand. The process is a lot slower. There are less frames to capture the moments in and I want to get it right every time I click the shutter. This refines my craft for the better. Film allows me to connect with the people more than before as I’m not always behind the camera shooting but I’m looking at the way he looks at her, the specific ways she touches him. It allows me to study humanity in a very eye-opening, inspiring way which in turn grants me more emotional, powerful images. I get to be a part of someones story and create their tangible memories. Follow me on instagram here to see my latest images in my journey of hybrid photography.

This sunset engagement session was dear to my heart as my husband and I were involved in the planning process of turning an “editorial shoot” into a surprise proposal. A love story worlds apart; Hanne is from Norway studying in the southern States and Chris is from Canada studying on the Canadian west coast. Their education will keep them in a long distance relationship for 2 more years but Chris wanted to find the perfect way to ask her to someday be his wife. She came to visit us in Canada and we travelled to Cypress Hills, a gorgeous natural plateau in the midst of the prairies with a lush boreal forest. Hanne agreed to do an editorial shoot for marketing my film photography to couples. Chris announced to her on the shoot that it was actually their engagement session as he pulled the ring box from his pocket and got down on one knee. It was a pretty amazing moment to be a part of. Here are a few images from our cliffside session together. Feel free to check out the full session here

Engagement_CypressHills_MelaPhotography_hybridphotography_film_cliffsideproposal_001 Engagement_CypressHills_MelaPhotography_hybridphotography_film_cliffsideproposal_002    Engagement_CypressHills_MelaPhotography_hybridphotography_film_cliffsideproposal_003Engagement_CypressHills_MelaPhotography_hybridphotography_film_cliffsideproposal_004 Engagement_CypressHills_MelaPhotography_hybridphotography_film_cliffsideproposal_005 Engagement_CypressHills_MelaPhotography_hybridphotography_film_cliffsideproposal_006 Engagement_CypressHills_MelaPhotography_hybridphotography_film_cliffsideproposal_007Engagement_CypressHills_MelaPhotography_hybridphotography_film_cliffsideproposal_010 Engagement_CypressHills_MelaPhotography_hybridphotography_film_cliffsideproposal_009 Engagement_CypressHills_MelaPhotography_hybridphotography_film_cliffsideproposal_008 Engagement_CypressHills_MelaPhotography_hybridphotography_film_cliffsideproposal_011Engagement_CypressHills_MelaPhotography_hybridphotography_film_cliffsideproposal_012 Engagement_CypressHills_MelaPhotography_hybridphotography_film_cliffsideproposal_014 Engagement_CypressHills_MelaPhotography_hybridphotography_film_cliffsideproposal_015 Engagement_CypressHills_MelaPhotography_hybridphotography_film_cliffsideproposal_016 Engagement_CypressHills_MelaPhotography_hybridphotography_film_cliffsideproposal_013 Engagement_CypressHills_MelaPhotography_hybridphotography_film_cliffsideproposal_018 Engagement_CypressHills_MelaPhotography_hybridphotography_film_cliffsideproposal_017

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