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Hey everyone! My name is Meghan of Meghan Hume Photography. I am a 2012 graduate of Hallmark Institute of Photography and I have been photographing people in love for the past 6 years! Nothing warms my heart more than two people who are completely enamored of one another and are willing to express that (with some guidance, of course) in front of my camera. Each and every couple has their own unique story and I just love being able to capture that for each and every person. Some may believe that they don't have the most "perfect" tale to tell of their love, but I strive to make sure that my couples see their visual story together as if Nicholas Sparks sat down and wrote it himself.


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One of my most favorite characteristics of a couple is when their FRIENDSHIP shines through above all else. I truly believe that being best friends with one another is the key to an everlasting relationship. The love and loyalty that comes with a tight friendship is something that is so fulfilling, it can never be replaced. Silliness, laughter, being comfortable and open with one another- these, I believe, are the keys to successful love. The rest? Well, it all just seems to fall into place!


I have been so lucky and blessed in my life to have so many opportunities where I get to photograph people with that exact kind of love. Some of these people are even very close friends of mine. It’s so hard to choose just one engagement session or wedding, but I guess when all of my clients are so happily in love, I can’t go wrong choosing any of them!

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One wedding that stands out in my mind is one I shot in Marshfield, Ma, right on the Cape! Right in her father’s back yard, complete with his antique store, so every decoration was SO perfect… not to mention her father’s antique car that we drove to the beach down the road… It was a photographer’s dream!! These two have an undeniable love for one another and the most PERFECT backdrop for the most perfect day!

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Another one of my favorites is the engagement session I shot of my very close friend Jess and her now husband, Ben. These two have that love I just raved about; the silliness, the friendship, all rolled into one. As if that weren’t enough for these photos, we also had the most gorgeous golden hour lighting, fields of tall grass and a sunset by the lake- PERFECTION!


As a lover of capturing love and love itself, I am honored to visually tell your complete love story and give you photos to cherish for years to come!


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