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Hello there! My name is Madison Warner Dahlin. I've been a lifestyle and wedding photographer for 7 years or so. Let me say one thing, I LOVE photographing people! Working with my clients has brought me so many wonderful friends. In college I studied photography and art. Over the years of weddings, engagement sessions, family portraits etc, I've come to see the joy in each of my clients' unique story. Looking through my lens, I've been able to see, as well as show, sides to people that they probably didn't see in themselves.

One of my favorite weddings in which I photographed was that of a great friend and her adorable husband. Letty and Jameson met in Bolivia. They married about two years later in Sacramento, California, close to Letty's home town. Not only are they one of the most hilarious and carefree couples I know, but they are stunning together.

As a photographer, it's important that I help the couple feel comfortable with me present, so comfortable in fact that they almost forget that I'm there clicking away as they enjoy each other. Letty and Jameson didn't need my help to look beautiful in frame after frame because their happiness stole the show!

Seeing Jameson's face light up as Letty walked through the live oak trees to meet him had me grinning like a fool behind my canon. Letty ordered her dress from a "non brand" dress shop online and then had is customized to match her style. Their wedding's color scheme consisted of emerald green, grey, pinks and creamy white. Letty did an amazing job in selecting her reception venue, Beerman's Brewery in Lincoln, CA. Later that night, after the wedding, they had a formal dinner and tons of crazy fun dancing! I could hardly shoot fast enough to follow them around the dance floor- this couple has MOVES!

A large part of why I claim this wedding to be a favorite of mine, (besides the fact that I adore the couple) is because of the light and airy feel we had in our images. They were wed on the last day of April- which speaks of the change between spring to summer. I have a hard time choosing which season is my favorite, but I have to say, April is a divine month to be wed.

Photographs can capture love, friendship and passion through every little detail. What can I say? I love my job.

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