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Madalyn Yates Photography says, Hello!

Hello lovely people! My name is Madalyn and I am a wedding & portrait photographer living in North Carolina! Ever since I was 16 years old, I have loved being the girl who captures every moment. When I graduated high school, I went directly to school for photographic technology. In 2014 I graduated and I moved to Boone, NC! There, I met a lot of lovely couples and began dabbling in engagement photos which led me to wedding photography. I absolutely adore it! Last year, I made a change and moved to Greensboro, NC and recently moved into a house! So I love having so much of my OWN space!

My favorite moment during the whole process is when I have the opportunity to see how the couple interacts with each other in front of the camera. Some are more comfortable from the start and then there are some that need warming up but by the time we call it a wrap, their love is surely evident. I love continuing to see how their relationship develops. Wedding planning is stressful and it is so sweet to see the tender moments between the couple during photo sessions.


I was asked to talk about my favorite photo session to date and well, that is more difficult than you think! So, I am going to talk about this super fun couple and their recent session! Sarah and Britt gave me full control of their session and they were the sweetest. During my engagement sessions, I love to "shadow" the couple with very few directions on posing. Like said above I love capturing the tender, loving moments. After this session, I shared sneak peaks with Sarah and she had so many praise comments, I just squealed. I love when I get a response of positivity and love. Britt also shared with me that he was very comfortable and had a great time! This is something that is important to me.


I love to work with my surroundings. So, I tend to explore the area with my couples so we can find unique areas for photographs. I love fields and being that I live in a city, there aren't many but we made it look like there were and I am so pleased! Also - when couples wear bright colors and we work with a handful of light colored walls -- I AM SO EXCITED! They pop from the background so the audience is able to really see what I saw in their relationship.


I am looking forward to an amazing year of weddings, engagements, and what ever else the Lord may bring for me. Thank you for taking the time to look through my work, I hope you enjoyed it!

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