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LisaAnne Photography - Featured Photographer

If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to carry around my camera

-Lewis Hine

My name is Lisa Anne and I am the creator and designer behind LisaAnne Photography. I am wife to a wonderful husband and grew up with a wonderful family! You’ll often find me drinking coffee, exploring the outdoors, editing, and trying to live and beautiful and adventurous life. I fell in love with photography and instantly found myself wound up in a beautiful tangle of business and art! I am so humbled by the lovely couples I get to work with on their big day. Creating those memories they get to hold and cherish forever is what makes my job magical.

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Simply put…I love… Love! Nothing gives me more joy than to capture the essence of my couples and their love stories. It is what makes me come alive and awakens my passion. With that, God is first and foremost the biggest designer behind my business and I strongly believe that this LIFE comes through Him.

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The best moments for me during a wedding aren’t necessarily the ones we schedule to shoot. For example, one of my weddings had a very rainy ceremony. Both bride and groom raced through their vows to get under cover. Then out of nowhere the rain cleared and a double rainbow with glorious sunshine showered the couple with its beauty. I raced my couple out to snap a few photos and those became some of my favorites. I’ve learned to stop and take a breath to enjoy those unplanned moments and let myself feel the joy of being present.

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Overall photography has blessed my life with its beauty and I love sharing those talents with my clients. I am humbled every day that I get to do what I love as my job. Cheers to years of happy business to come!


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