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Hello! I am Laura Dunham of Laura Glen Photography, specializing in Genuine Wedding + Lifestyle Photography. Most days you can find me in my running shoes, on my bike, or hitting the slopes, and relishing this Colorado backyard with my husband. I am known for bursting into song with dancing to match, and living life outside. When I am clicking with my camera, photographing couples and families who share my love for an active lifestyle, and relish lighthearted moments brings me immense joy.

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I’m looking for the laughter you can’t hold in, the little wink you thought no one would catch. I want to document life as it unfolds before me – in the moment, relaxed real. I don't mind if your little ones can't sit still for a nice portrait. I want to see their personality, their play, the smiles that come out only for you. I won’t be upset if your bridal party doesn’t line up perfectly. I want to see all of you laugh, interact, and cherish that special day. It's why I thrive on lifestyle photography in my sessions.

Lifestyle Photography - Laura Glen Photography Lifestyle Photographer - Laura Glen Photography

I want the real, the giggles, sometimes the tears, and often the messy. And honestly, you probably do too. These are the moments you want to remember, the moments that portray who your littles really were as littles, or the moments that truly capture the intimacy of your wedding day. The moments that will make your heart swell in years to come. Yes, we can absolutely try for that perfect family portrait, or perfect wedding party pose, but if it doesn't happen, your little family, your wedding was perfect anyway.

Documentary Photographer - Laura Glen Photography Documentary Photographer - Laura Glen Photography

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