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Laura Ford - Featured Photographer

I’m Laura Ford, a documentary style photographer who specializes in shooting weddings. I'm based in Los Angeles and am lucky enough to travel regularly to shoot weddings across the country.

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I’ve been interested in and experimenting with photography for as long as I can remember. As a naturally shy child I was especially observant of others, and though I’ve lost my shyness over the years, that observant quality remains. I find it especially useful in capturing the intimate, unscripted moments that often go overlooked during a busy fun-filled wedding day.

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I really, really enjoy shooting weddings. Following the couple through their day, from the quiet times preparing for the ceremony to the last song on the dance floor. It takes a keen eye and a calm, intuitive person to watch for the right moment and to capture it, and I love being the one to do just that.

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Getting to know the amazing couples that I have the pleasure to photograph is an added bonus. Jana and Eric were no exception. I photographed their wedding on a lovely fall day in Culver City, California.

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Jana and Eric are both artists, she a designer, and he a musician turned lawyer. Apart from an earnest love for one another they share great style and an eye for details. From the tiny vintage suitcase that held Jana’s wedding day essentials, to the carefully crafted centerpieces, and the classic convertible they drove off in, their DIY wedding felt like a perfect pinterest board come to life.

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The venue is one of my favorites in the Los Angeles area. It is a converted smog check garage, aptly named The Smog Shoppe. It combines a warm industrial vibe with lots of airy indoor/outdoor space, and plenty of greenery. Take a look at that bright green succulent wall! It was the perfect backdrop for Jana and Eric’s intimate ceremony and celebration.

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These two are completely, madly, deliberately, in love. The best part... it shows. Just take a look. This is why I never get tired of my job. Each wedding is it's own, each couple is sincere, each love story is unique. From their pre-ceremony “no peeking” photo op, to the sparkler send-off, It was was a joy to witness and capture Jana and Eric’s special day. Congrats to them!

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