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LaMon Photography, Heather Scott, McAlester Oklahoma


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Something special happens when you photograph someone. You see into their soul, and they are vulnerable. I often end up having long-term friendships with many of my clients because of that instant connection.

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High-school seniors are at the top of my list of favorite people to shoot; they are vibrant, full of life, and up for anything. I love documenting their final childhood moments, before they step off into the big, wide world and leave their mark on it.


Although every single shoot becomes my favorite, I have decided to spotlight this one for a few reasons. Dianna and her family were beyond prepared.  She came up with many of her own ideas, had all of her props ready to go, borrowed a boat, had her wardrobe lined out, and her hair and makeup were flawless.


We communicated often in the weeks leading up to her shoot in order to get everyone on the same page. I always stress to teenagers that they have to do their part.  No matter how good of a job I do, they have to invest a little time, as well.


The feel that Dianna wanted was dreamy, romantic and whimsical, with just a dash of rock and roll.  It was right up my alley.


Once we arrived at the lake, there was an added bonus of a little tree that had silvery seed pods all over it. In the sunlight, they looked like twinkling garden lights.  It was magical.

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Dianna showed up with her mom, dad and grandmother. I brought my mother, who works as my assistant.  Having that many spectators at a shoot is something I usually discourage, but in this case it worked out fantastically. Everyone helped, everyone had their role, and everyone worked together.   No one was distracting or critical.  In fact, we had a wonderfully fun time, and I fell in love with the whole family.  The best part is the memories we made that day. Dianna and her family will cherish them forever.


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  • Sharla Ranallo

    fantastic day.. We all had a blast, Heather you are truly gifted. You are exactly right, we will remember Dianna's senior picture day forever. Wonderful memories... And a wonderful amazing new friend we made... Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

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