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My name is Kylee Ann. My story started with my own love story. As a newly engaged couple, my fiancé and I spent our evenings together dreaming up our future. I shared with him that one day when we could afford it I would love to get a camera and become a professional photographer. A few months later, my fiancé surprised me by selling his beloved x-box and buying me my very first DSLR. About four months later, I was able to buy him back a newer, better x-box with the money from my photography sessions. It was our gift of love story.

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Since then I've been in business for almost seven years. I've photographed hundreds of weddings, sessions and so much beautiful life. My studio has grown to serve over 75 brides a year with three full-time photographers, a bride specialist, and two editors. We went from a small-town photographer on auto to a full-time studio photographing once in a lifetime moments. Who would have thought it could all start with a lover boy and his Xbox?

View More: View More: More: View More: I take all sorts of photos from weddings and engagements to families and births, but one type of session, in particular, is my very favorite. My passion projects. When my cousin was 11 and I was just starting professional photography, she was diagnosed with cancer. I got a VIP pass to the front of the room when she lost her hair, when she was getting chemo and when she rang that cancer free bell. Obviously not pictures anyone is budgeting for, but photos that tell a story of her life. So important, so raw, so real and so beautifully tragic at times.

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I am a storyteller with a passion for documenting life. The good and the bad. I started taking on passion projects for free to families that had a need -- emotional, physical or financial. These are photos that families can look back on, share and inspire others with. My goal is to turn their stories into beautiful stories of strength, filled with all the raw emotions.

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