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Kybella Photography - Central Illinois Family & Children Photographer

Hello! My name is Kori Evans, owner and photographer at Kybella Photography. I specialize in family and children images. I have had a camera in my hand since I was 16 years old. 33 years later, minus the darkroom chemical smells, I am still madly in love with it! My father tried to spark my interest in photography when I was 14, but video games and friends seem to take priority at the time! Two years later I took a communications and media course in high school and that's when the bug bit me. I took pictures of everything! My cats, my friends, random objects. And as the years passed and I had children of my own, I realized how much I loved capturing images of people.

Although, I have went through my share of different niche’s before I finally decided I was happiest with families and kids.

I absolutely love capturing a child’s reaction when I tell them to make silly faces! They look at mom to make sure it's ok, (because I am sure they were told to be on their best behavior and to listen and do what the photographer tells them to do) and they get so excited and make the goofiest, most exaggerated silly face they can make!! Cracks me up every single time!!

It's hard to pick just one session that has been my favorite. I get the most amazing clients ever, so I can never pick just one based on subjects. But I will pick one based on the technical challenge. And not because of the subjects! Because of the lighting!! I always, always shoot in the golden hour. But this particular session, at the beginning of June, we started at 6:00 pm. It was going to be super bright because there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and it was a little warm so I was nervous the girls might get a little moody. BUT, I got home, started culling the session, and I ended up editing them immediately because I was so in love with how they turned out! The light, the skin tones, the colors, even the two adorable sisters were a joy to work with!


That is what I love most about photography. When I get every setting just right in the available light, in camera, and everything just comes together like I envisioned it in my head!  As well as having a blast with my clients!

If you are in the Springfield, IL area, I would love to get together and capture some amazing memories with you!

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