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Aloha and Welcome! Kauai Wedding Photographer, Kit Furderer captures creative and unique photography on the Hawaiian Islands. An eye for photography and art started at a very early age and was developed through college and into a life long passion and profession.

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Capturing a fleeing moments of time, that tells a story; is our passion.

Our timeless images are a mixture of composition, color, light, movement and emotion. We specialize in connecting with each couple or group to get them to communicate in their own unique way. We believe every persons love is unique and it is our gift to share that with the world. That is truly the essence of Hawaii and the meaning of the word "Aloha".


The literal meaning of aloha is “the presence of breath” or “the breath of life.” Aloha is being a part of all, and all being a part of "you". At Kauai-Wedding-Photographer; we love, love! It is like a rose, that you can not pick, as it only grows when it is on the vine.


Kauai Wedding Photographer is ran by husband and wife duo, Kit & Alison Furderer. We work together on shoots to get the perfect shot in a fun and unique way. We both bring a lot to the table with each photo shoot. Alison has a strong background in modeling and fashion. Which means she truly understands what it takes to get the perfect shot. Alison also brings a beautiful energy to each photo-shoot and helps with assisting light, composition and unique poses.


It would truly be our passion to capture your dream wedding photography. Contact us for any special request if you are visiting or live on Hawaii. Aloha and Mahalo ~ The Furderer's

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